Is eTicket’s business closed?

Define irony.  eTicket was created because osTicket hadn’t released an updated in about 2 years and version 2.0 was “in the pipeline.” The download for osTicket was taken down, for whatever reason.  Fast-forward 10 years and osTicket is alive and well, with eTicket having gone defunct by not releasing an update (with the promise of 2.0 version beginning when the buyers [Digital Frontiers, UTO] acquired it) since October 23, 2008, being for version 1.7.3.

As a former, and quite heavy, contributor to the eTicket Support platform, it saddens to me to see that such hard work was put into eTicket by so many people, that Digital Frontiers have allowed eTicket to go by the wayside.

As mentioned before, the latest version, 1.7.3, was released on October 23, 2008, with no updates or patches since.  Though many updates, patches, mods, etc. were provided in the community forums, those too are now gone (site resolves with an HTTP 500 error).  Anyone hoping to apply patches/updates to eTicket are no longer able to do so as a result.  I won’t even get started on using a version of PHP higher than 5.3.

Given that I worked many, long hours on eTicket, even installing it on a number of servers at the request of new/potential clients, I feel compelled to try to continue the work where it was left off, almost 10 years after the last update/release of 1.7.3.  The license does require that I register as a distributor on the eTicket website (sending an email), but clicking on the “email us” link to inquire just refreshes the existing page.  Go figure.

Therefore, in an effort to serve the community of eTicket users that have been left in the desert to die, I’ll be taking the bull by the horns and setting things up here the best that I can.  The license at least allows me that.  At this time I’m not changing the name or trying to resell the product. I’m just trying to help those that still use eTicket and bring it up-to-date if at all possible.

I guess, in the end, we’ll see just where goes over the next eight months since the domain is set to expire May 7, 2019.

Stay tuned….