Are you one of those people that hate to edit files within your file system, especially system files?  Well, we’ve created another set of tools to make this easier for you.

For those of you that need to edit your ‘hosts’ file on Windows, we’ve created a tool that’s a bit more intuitive for you.  It’s just a few files, but it’ll ensure that your entries are both valid and correct.

As an added bonus (and because it should be done whenever you edit the ‘hosts’ file) once the file is edited (entries added or removed) the DNS cache of the system is flushed to ensure it works after.  It won’t clear the browser cache, however, that’s up to you.

Extract the Zip file to the location of your choice and double-click on ‘hosts_add.bat’ to add entries, then run ‘hosts_del.bat’ to delete entries.  Leave the ‘replace.vbs’ file alone. There be dragons!